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TeslaCrunch is a company that consists of passionate Tesla owners who want to share everything we know about owning this amazing car, all in one place! Every stage of buying, taking delivery of, and owning a Tesla is an incredibly simple and revolutionary process! We will provide you with everything you need to know for the best Tesla experience!

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Best Center Console Organizer for Tesla

Best Center Console Organizer for Tesla

This post will cover the best center console organizer for Tesla! Are you tired of the spare coins laying around in the armrest tray that comes with your Tesla? Is that getting a bit too crowded for you? It was for us so this center console organizer for Tesla ...
Best Vacuum Cleaner for Tesla

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Tesla

Teslas are premium vehicles so why not get premium cleaning products to take care of your car; here we'll cover the best vacuum cleaner for Tesla! Let's cut to the chase, we highly recommend Dyson vacuum cleaners as the best vacuum cleaner for your Tesla. This is ...
Tesla Model 3 & Model Y Delivery Checklist

Tesla Model 3 & Model Y Delivery Checklist

When taking delivery of your new Tesla, you want to make sure that you double check every item on this Tesla Delivery Checklist! This interactive checklist will help you thoroughly inspect your new Tesla Model 3 or Model Y at the time of delivery (S and X coming ...

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