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Whether TeslaCrunch helped you through this Tesla experience or you had already pulled the trigger, we’re glad that you made the right choice on your new car! If you are like us, once you go Tesla, you can’t go back! 

So now that you’re here, we’ll introduce you to some new accessories you may want to get, showcase our TeslaCrunch Tesla of the week, present you with our ever growing blog posts to learn more about your Tesla, and show you some fun modifications people have done with their car!


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Tesla of the week

Do you have a really cool modification to your Tesla that you want to show off? Maybe you got a custom wrap, an awesome new feature addon, fancy interior lighting, seat changes, steering wheel updates! Anything at all! We want to see what you got and share it with our followers!

Use the form below and send us a few details of your modification, along with a google drive link to pictures and videos of your Tesla mod! We’ll let you know if you’ve been chosen for that week! When we do, your Tesla will be featured on our site and on our social media. Let’s see what you got!

Cool Addons and Mods

Ok this mod is a bit crazy! But if that’s what you want, go for it! Convert your Model 3 into a mini truck!

Haha point is that there are SO MANY mods you can apply to your car. With a Tesla being like a laptop on wheels, the possibilities are endless! We’ve highlighted some of our favorites below! To learn about more mods we find interesting, don’t forget to sign up for TeslaCrunch Bytes!



Sentry mode with the built in dashcam is an extremely useful and simple feature of the Tesla included standard on all models. This Raspberry Pi Mod allows you to save all your dashcam footage like normal, but have it automatically upload all the newest footage to your network attached storage (NAS) storage device. Your new USB automatically connects to WiFi when you reach your garage and automatically performs the upload. Now, you never have to worry about losing any footage and have everything saved for that off chance you need proof!
* Check out the instructions and see if you find it feasible to complete


All Models

Raspberry Pi Zero W Kit

This Raspberry Pi Kit includes all the essentials in terms of Pi hardware, to setup the enhanced Tesla USB functionality. It even comes with the original case and heatsink.

Product Image Credits – Amazon product listing


All Models

Samsung MicroSD Card

The Samsung Pro Endurance MicroSD card has great read/write speeds and this is what you’ll insert into your Raspberry Pi Micro SD card slot.

Product Image Credits – Amazon product listing


All Models

USB-A to Micro-B Cable

This is the cable you’ll connect from the Raspberry Pi to the USB-A port in your Tesla. This will use up one of your charging ports so possibly consider a USB hub as well.

Product Image Credits – Amazon product listing


All Models

Anker USB Hub

With charging and sentry mode using up all your data ports. This is helpful when you want to connect more devices such as a game controller without removing any devices.

Product Image Credits – Amazon product listing


Model 3/Y

Jeda USB Hub

The Jeda USB hub fits snug in the center console and provides a total of 6 ports (4 USB-A & 2 USB-C). Keep your console clean and organized and sentry port hidden.

Product Image Credits – Jeda product listing



Have you ever opened the center console in your Tesla and couldn’t see what you were looking for? Even though there is a factory light included in the center console, it’s just not very bright. Get these small magnetic drawer lights to fix that! They attach really well underneath the charger console. You can attach two of them, one on each edge of the charger console. They are also motion activated so they will automatically turn on and off. Along with that, the attachments are magnetic, so it is easy to take them off and recharge them. No more staring down the abyss that is the center console storage!

All Models

Motion Sensor Lights

These motion lights are perfect for use in the center console. The compact size and magnetic strips are great to illuminate the storage area. Can also double as a flashlight!

Product Image Credits – Amazon product listing



This seems to be a personal preference of many. Some hate the idea of ceramic coating and others love it. Some even go for a ceramic coat on top of a full wrap! We think the ceramic coat is great to protect your paint and make it easier to clean your car between washes. After the ceramic treatment, all the water just flies off the car! We went for a System X ceramic coat but there are many others depending on where you reside and the companies that are authorized to perform this type of service. Check out the hundreds of Tesla ceramic coating videos out there and see what you think!



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