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Should I buy a tesla?

Your Heart

Your Brain

HECK YES! Of course we are going to encourage you to purchase a new Tesla but we also have to be practical. This is an expensive car and it has to make sense for your driving wants and needs.


The list below includes a few basic points you should consider when deciding on a new Tesla purchase. If you leave any of these unchecked, you may want to consider waiting until you can satisfy all of them! As humans, we tend to “buy with emotion and justify with logic” so this will help to make a more informed decision.

Do I have a daily charging method?

Once you purchase a Telsa, gone are the days waiting and filling up at the gas station! You will instead charge your car everyday like you charge your phone. This way, you’ll essentially have a “full tank” every day, how cool is that!!?

In order to own a Tesla, you MUST be able to get access to or set up your own DAILY charging method with a charge rate of at least 25 miles/hour.

Solid Daily Charging Methods

1. NEMA 14-50 Outlet
  • Recommendation: If you want to keep costs lower for charging setup, this overall will be the best option for daily overnight charging
  • Average charge rate: 25-30 miles/hr
  • This outlet is generally standard in newer homes nowadays but if you are in an older house, you may need to get this outlet professionally installed
  • You would use the charging cable that was included with your car along with the Tesla NEMA 14-50 adapter (NOT included with your purchase any longer, click the link to purchase from Tesla)
  • Get a quote from a Tesla authorized third party electrician for the installation because if any unauthorized work damages the vehicle, you will void your warranty.
  • If you have an extra ~$500 to spare, check out the Tesla Wall Charger option

View Tesla Authorized electricians


2. Tesla Wall Charger
  • Recommendation: If you are willing to spend an extra ~$500 for the official Tesla Wall Charger plus the cost of installation, and your home can support the extra load, this is the best option as it is the fastest in home charging method
  • Average charge rate: 44 miles/hr
  • Generally the installation cost for this and the NEMA is similar but with this option you have to buy the extra wall charger
  • View the above authorized Tesla electricians to perform this installation as well

View Tesla Wall Charger


3. Public Charging Stations (ex. Charge Point)
  • Recommendation: If you have charge point chargers at your workplace, apartment garage, or somewhere nearby, this is a solid method of daily charging
  • Average charge rate: 12-25 miles/hr depending on whether or not the station is shared
  • Keep in mind these are generally paid stations unless your workplace offers the use of chargers for free

Top Off  / Occasional / Travel

NOT Recommended for daily charging

4. Standard 110V Wall Outlet
  • Recommendation: This should NOT be used as the primary method of charging because the charge rate is very slow
  • Average charge rate: 5 miles/hr
  • You should absolutely have another method of daily charging and use the 110V wall outlet as a backup
  • For reference, with a 12hr charge you will gain ~60 miles of range and for a full charge you are looking at more than 24hrs minimum
5. Tesla Supercharger
  • Recommendation: This should NOT be used as the primary/daily method of charging
  • Average charge rate: 100-600+ miles/hr depending on the station
  • Superchargers should be used when you travel long distance or you need a quick charge but are still using another method of daily charging methods above
  • More frequent use of the superchargers will degrade the battery faster
  • Your Tesla may even throw warnings at you for supercharging too often

What makes Tesla different?

Tesla is like a laptop on wheels! Tesla  has completely changed the game in the car industry. They have made driving fun again with really cool features for all ages, and the best part is the Tesla will always get free software updates! So your car will only get better over time. What other car company can you say the same thing about?

* Disclaimer: A few of the features below are standard such as sentry, basic navigation, basic autopilot. All others are included in the premium connectivity subscription or are addons like the Full Self Driving (FSD) package.



Sentry mode is an extremely useful and simple feature of the Tesla included standard on all models. Ever park your car and come back only to find that someone dinged your door and now you don’t know who did it? Well with Sentry, just plugin in a storage drive and enable the feature! When you leave your car, it will record all footage when it detects motion and save it to your drive. Best part is you can view the footage right from the screen as soon as you get back to your car!



Car boredom is gone! Have you ever had to wait on anyone in the car and you have nothing to do! Tesla has fixed that! Tesla Theater adds in Youtube, Netflix, and Hulu streaming on that 15in display! WOW! With the premium connectivity feature in the car, the Tesla has a built in LTE connection that it uses to stream content. Youtube and Netflix are obviously popular features, if you subscribe to Hulu Live TV you can also stream live TV channels seamlessly! Down the road, Tesla will only continue to add more streaming services!



If you don’t care for shows, you may enjoy playing video games in your car! The Tesla Arcade has many games you can enjoy including Fallout Shelter, 2048, Atari’s Super Breakout, Cuphead, Stardew Valley, Missile Command, Asteroids, Lunar Lander,  Centipede, Backgammon, Chess, and Beach Buggy 2 (the racing game you play with your steering wheel)! Of course these can only be played while the car is parked, but it is the perfect feature to use while waiting in the car!



Music is obviously essential for most drivers. Tesla includes Bluetooth connection and the radio function standard on all cars! The differentiating factor is the inclusion of Slacker Radio, Spotify, and Caraoke! You can request a song and Slacker Radio will create a playlist of similar songs automatically! With Spotify you can login with your account and stream music like you normally would on your phone! Caraoke is a Tesla feature to sing along from a collection of music! There is something for everyone! 



As mentioned earlier, the car is like a laptop on wheels! So in that case, of course Tesla has to add a browser! For those that don’t watch movies or play games, the browser is available for anything you like to read online! Your passengers are able to use the browser while the car is moving, so it’s perfect to quickly look something up while on the go, read the news, or check out your favorite tech blog. The browser is there for your convenience and it is based on Chromium (Google Chrome) so you know it’s quality!



Tesla offers THE BEST navigation system built in! We’ve tested BMW, Acura, and various others, and Tesla far exceeds their performance  thanks to an easy to use display and trusted Google Maps. You can use voice commands to navigate or use the search bar to type in a location. It’s as simple as that and you get turn-by-turn voice and visual directions as well. If you have a location on your phone, you can easily share it to your Tesla and the navigation begins as soon as you get in your car!



Basic Autopilot is now included with your Tesla! This allows your car to drive itself on the freeway by maintaining distance and auto-steering! If you upgrade to Full Self Driving (FSD), your car can automatically change lanes on the freeway, navigate on autopilot, and essentially drive itself (can exit the freeway, use on/off ramps on it’s own, and more). The FSD package also includes self driving on city streets with auto-stop at signs and signals. All of this is currently in beta but in our extensive use of Autopilot + FSD, it works amazingly well and significantly reduces driving stress! If you do a lot of freeway driving, it’s absolutely worth considering the addon.
* Disclaimer: The GIF above is demoing FSD which is not fully released yet



The Tesla mobile app is your key to the car and works standard on all cars! You also get a key card in case your phone is not functional for any reason. The app connects to your car via Bluetooth and unlocks your car when you are close to the driver side door and locks when you walk away! You can remotely open your frunk and trunk, honk the horn, turn on the lights, enable/disable Sentry mode, summon your car, etc. In case of a cold/hot day you can adjust the in-car climate so that it will be ready by the time you leave. In case of any issues, you can request roadside assistance within the app. It has functionality to check and adjust the max charge limit, and send you push notifications in case of Sentry activation or charging completion. The Tesla app is the hub to interacting with your car!


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