What are the recommended DAILY charging methods?
NEMA 14-50 Outlet: This is going to be the cheapest and best daily charging method for your Tesla to get a full charge every night!
  • Most new homes include this outlet in the garage.
  • In older homes you will have to get a Tesla Certified electrician to install it.
  • Installation cost varies based on distance to your main breaker and the amount of load your breaker can support ($500 – $1500+)
  • Charge rate 25-30 miles/hour


Tesla Wall Charger: This method will get you the fastest charging speeds but it will cost around $500 more + cost of installation. If you wish to spend the extra money on the charger, we would highly recommend this solution!


Public Charging Stations (ex. Charge Point): As EV’s get more popular, more locations are getting third party charging stations installed. Newer apartment communities and office locations are adding these stations for those who own EV’s
  • Most office/company locations offer this for free for their employees, in which case you can charge during your workday and head home fully charged.
  • Charge rate 12-25 miles/hour depending on shared usage of one station
  • Cost varies per location but for a full charge you are looking at ~$0- $15+
How long does it take to charge a Tesla?

This completely depends on the charging method you use. Check out the best charging methods above for more details on the various options. Below we’ll include charge rates and time (assuming you have around 20% charge remaining). Based on long range Tesla’s, standard range will be shorter charge time.

  • NEMA 14-50 outlet: Charge rate 25-30 miles/hour, approx 10hrs
  • Tesla Wall Charger: Charge rate 44 miles/hour, approx 6hrs
  • Public Charging Station: Charge rate 12-25 miles/hour, approx 10-20hrs
Can I always use a Tesla Supercharger to charge my car?

The answer is NO! Tesla does not recommend using a Supercharger for your frequent charging needs. Supercharges should really only be used when travelling long distances or occasionally topping off quickly. Frequent fast charging degrades the life of the battery.

What if I run out of battery / charge?

To this we say, “What if you run out of gas?” It is essentially the same thing, you definitely need to be attentive of the range you have left and ensure that you charge up accordingly.

In the event you do run out of charge, you will have to contact Tesla Roadside Assistance or your local roadside assistance service (AAA, Geico, etc.). They will tow out your car to the nearest charging station. But keep in mind this is not usually free.

Few other things to keep in mind below…

  • Teslas are smart, based on your navigation and mapped destination, it will calculate your range and suggest the speed at which to drive in order to reach your destination, OR it will suggest charging stations to stop at and the amount of time to stop there to reach your destination.
  • Yes, it is true we currently don’t have as many charging stations as we do gas stations. But that map is ever expanding. We have been owning our Tesla since 2018 and have never experienced an issue with range. Just make sure you plan!

Overall, have no fear! You will get over the range anxiety after a few weeks of owning the car. Just make sure you have a DAILY charging method and you’ll be fine.

After charging, I'm seeing small dots under the speedometer. What do those mean?

When you do a 90% – 100% charge, you will likely see a small dotted line underneath the speedometer. In short, this means your regenerative breaking is limited until you drive the car. 

What does this mean? Regenerative breaking is essentially your car charging up the battery when you let off the pedal. So if your battery is nearly charged, it cannot really recharge until you drain more battery.

So as you drive, you will notice the dotted line slowly become solid until you recharge again.

Sentry Mode/Dashcam

What is Sentry Mode and Dashcam?

Sentry mode and Dashcam are probably the two BEST features included standard in all Teslas.

  • Sentry: Ever park your car, come back and notice you have a ding on your door or a surprise hit and run… in such cases you have no idea what happened. Well with Sentry mode enabled, the Tesla uses all 4 cameras around the vehicle to record footage as it notices movement around your car. This footage is saved in the USB drive you plug in your car and you can view it in your Tesla as soon as you return. View how you setup Tesla Sentry Mode
  • Dashcam: This feature is essentially an ongoing recording while you drive. With a configured USB drive plugged in, your Tesla will record everything while you drive using the same 4 cameras around your car. This can also be viewed in your car viewer at any time.
How do I setup Tesla Sentry Mode and Dashcam?

View our blog post for instructions and a video explaining how to do this. 

Click here to see the best USB Drive for Tesla Sentry Mode & Dashcam

Click here to see how to go about Tesla Sentry Mode Setup

Can I access Sentry and Dashcam footage if a USB device is not plugged in?

No you cannot access any footage if you don’t have a USB device plugged in. You must have a properly configured USB device to record and save Sentry Mode & Dashcam footage.

Click here to see the best USB Drive for Tesla Sentry Mode & Dashcam

Click here to see how to go about Tesla Sentry Mode Setup

Is Sentry and Dashcam footage stored in the cloud? Or in any online storage services?

No this footage is not stored in the cloud. You must have a USB Device to store this footage. If you are feeling tech savvy, you can purchase some hardware items to have your Tesla automatically upload all the footage to an external NAS or storage system as soon as your Tesla connects to Wi-Fi. Check out our Raspberry Pi Tesla USB blog post here.

Click here to see the best USB Drive for Tesla Sentry Mode & Dashcam

Click here to see how to go about Tesla Sentry Mode Setup


Is the garage homelink add-on worth it?

Yes absolutely! This should honestly be a standard feature in all cars but it is worth the extra cost for your Model 3/Y. Your Tesla will auto open and close the garage based on how close you are to the garage and overall the system works really well! We love to auto-open on arrival!

You can order it from Tesla here – Automatic Garage Opener

Is the rear heated seat add-on worth it?

This honestly depends on how many people you have sitting in the back seats, how often they sit there, and how likely/often they are to use the heated seats. 

In our family for example, the rear heated seats are very popular! Our fam loves it during the winters or cold nights. They work really well, easy to enable in the car or over the phone!

It’s a great add-on but of course depends on your individual use.

You can order this add-on in your Tesla app directly! It is a software update over the ait to enable them because all the seats are already heat capable.

Should I enable cabin overheat protection?

We honestly keep this off all the time. In case you need to keep something in the car from overheating or there is just intense heat in your area, this feature helps. But in our experience it has drained a lot of battery so we keep it off.

Totally up to you as you need it. You can also just manually turn on the A/C from your phone so your car can cool off right away.


Can I wash my car at any car wash station?

Yes, you can wash your car anywhere! But we HIGHLY recommend using a touchless car wash station if you are to use a car wash station. You don’t want those high speed brushes slamming on your car paint.

Otherwise though, we mostly recommend washing your car at home with a pressure washer which gives you full control! Check out the recommended accessories for washing your car here.

Tesla Maintenance

How often do I have to take a Tesla in for servicing?

Tesla servicing is now on an as-needed basis!! This means no yearly servicing requirements like all other luxury car brands. This also means more money stays in your pocket.

You can schedule service for your car via the Tesla app and they will send over a mobile service team member or help you schedule an appointment at an actual service center. Anything from tire roations to replacements, troubleshooting, tech support, etc. can be done at a service center. 

Find out more about Tesla Maintenance here.

How much does it cost to maintain a Tesla?

Tesla maintenance is now on an as-needed basis! So as a result the cost varies based on what you need. From our experience, since owning the Model 3 in 2018, we have paid a whopping $0 in maintenance for this Tesla. 

Tesla now does charge for Tire Rotation which at the time of this writing is around $75. Other than that you can top off the washer fluid as it depletes. 

Other than that there is no other yearly maintenance that Tesla recommends. Here is what Tesla does recommend – Tesla Maintenance

Other / Miscellaneous

What are the best accessories for a Tesla?

We have an ever growing list of recommended Tesla accessories listed here. Check it out – Recommended Tesla Accessories

Is Tesla Full Self Driving (FSD) worth it?

This is a very controversial question. FSD for Tesla is NOT CHEAP by any means. So you have to be absolutely sure you want it/need it before purchasing. If you are on the fence, here is what we will say…

  • Do you have extra $15,000 you are willing to part ways with?
  • Do you frequently drive long distance or on freeways?
  • Do you just love the technology and want to experience what FSD will become 5, 10, 15 years from now?

If you answered YES to all of these, we would say go for it. We do have FSD on our Tesla and it is definitely a fantastic feature. Using navigate on autopilot and auto lane change on the freeways is amazingly good and the driving fatigue has signifcantly reduced.

Honestly speaking, nobody needs FSD. Really if you want it and have the money, you should get it. Otherwise save it for next time or sometime down the road when it is more refined. But accept the fact that Elon has stuck to his word and increased the price of FSD as it gains more features.

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