Best Center Console Organizer for Tesla

Dec 20, 2020 | Accessories

This post will cover the best center console organizer for Tesla! Are you tired of the spare coins laying around in the armrest tray that comes with your Tesla? Is that getting a bit too crowded for you? It was for us so this center console organizer for Tesla Model 3’s and Model Y’s is the perfect addition.

What is a center console organizer for Tesla?

All pre-2021 Model 3’s and current Model Y’s have a center console storage space near the front of the center console (next to the phone charging section). This space is really great since it’s deeper so you can store many things there. However, it is not so great for items you want to easily access. Along with that, the storage under the armrest can get pretty crowded if not cleaned up. 

So this center console organizer for Tesla allows for an extension of storage space, without compromising design and other space in your Tesla. It sits perfectly in your front storage space in the Tesla and allows you to keep extra items there for easy access.

What are the benefits of this center console organizer?

To keep it simple, it is beneficial for extra storage space to easily access more items in your Tesla.

Check out the video above to see full details of how this works and how we cleaned up our storage tray from under the armrest to the new center console organizer. 

We took all the spare change, some dollar bills, pens, and few other things from the storage tray under the arm rest and moved it over to the center console organizer. Now we can easily keep that extra change without causing a mess and keep extra items there you don’t always need but still want easy access to. 

Along with this, this center console organizer for Tesla has a flocked material (kinda like alcantara feel) which matches everything else in the Tesla storage sections. This makes it feel like it is a stock Tesla product that came with it!

Model 3/Y

Center Console Organizer

Similar to the one included in the armrest storage, this flocked organizer fits perfectly in the center console! Perfect for extra storage and easy access to your essentials.

Product Image Credits – Amazon product listing

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