Best Vacuum Cleaner for Tesla

Oct 25, 2020 | Accessories

Teslas are premium vehicles so why not get premium cleaning products to take care of your car; here we’ll cover the best vacuum cleaner for Tesla!

Let’s cut to the chase, we highly recommend Dyson vacuum cleaners as the best vacuum cleaner for your Tesla. This is not only to clean your Telsa but also your home! Dyson vacuums are so incredibly versatile that they will work for any of your vacuuming needs.

Normally you’d have one larger vacuum cleaner for your house and another smaller one for your car or other smaller areas… Why do that when you can have one powerhouse of a vacuum like Dyson for everything!

Why get a Dyson vacuum cleaner to clean your Tesla?

Obviously there are hundreds of vacuums out there but there is a reason why you went for a Tesla vs. a Toyota/Honda/BMW or any other vehicle right? It’s because it is a premium quality vehicle and has a powerhouse of features compared to all the others.

This is the same with Dyson. It is no doubt an expensive vacuum compared to anything else on the market. But it will absolutely last you years to come. It is extremely portable, easy to use, very powerful, and incredibly versatile that will allow you to use it not only in your car but around the house as well. You can check out the video above for a quick demo. We vacuumed up all both front and rear floors, and all the seats in about 15 mins with our Dyson V11.

One of our college professors once told us “A cheap person always pays twice.” We’ve definitely experienced this before. You pick up a $30 vacuum, few months in it starts giving you issues or some plastic breaks and now you have to get a new one. Eventually you end up spending more than if you were to purchase the higher quality product to begin with.

Dysons are expensive for sure, but we’d recommend it hands down as the best vacuum cleaner for Tesla.  Check out our video demo above and the product links below. Go for the best quality and results always!


Our Dyson V11

Quick Before and After Pictures

** Make sure to get the products below that are shipped and sold by Amazon.com ** 

All Models

Dyson V11

The Dyson V11 vacuum cleaner is incredibly versatile, high quality, easy to use, powerful, and also has a long battery life! They are the Tesla and Apple of vacuums. Go for the best!

Product Image Credits – Amazon product listing

All Models

All other Dysons

There are many Dyson models that have been released over the years. Each have varying battery life, power, accessories, and results. Look for the one that suits you best!

Product Image Credits – Amazon product listing

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