Tesla Model 3 & Model Y Delivery Checklist

Sep 25, 2020 | Resources

When taking delivery of your new Tesla, you want to make sure that you double check every item on this Tesla Delivery Checklist! This interactive checklist will help you thoroughly inspect your new Tesla Model 3 or Model Y at the time of delivery (S and X coming soon). You have purchased a very expensive new car and more likely than not, you want to make sure everything is in order before accepting delivery. If you see any issues, don’t hesitate to inform your delivery specialist!

We have a dedicated Taking Delivery page with loads of more info for you to prepare before delivery day! This includes, charging details, financial information, accessories to purchase before picking up your Tesla, and much more! Also don’t forget to subscribe to our TeslaCrunch Bytes newsletter where you will be informed of all the latest content we put up, new recommended accessories, and much more!

CONGRATS on your new Tesla! Welcome to the Fam!

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Exterior Technical


Interior Technical

Model Y Additional Inspection

HAPPY DRIVING! Hopefully you found this interactive checklist helpful in verifying the delivery condition of your new Tesla! If you found other problems other than the ones listed here or you have any feedback/suggestions, we’d love to update this list so please contact us below.

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